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Baby Green Steps

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Taking baby steps toward being more environmentally conscious/less wasteful. This is what I’ve accomplished so far:

1. Take my own cup to Starbucks. It’s glass with a plastic lid that clamps down. I always get compliments on it. $6 from Marshall’s/HomeGoods. With the $.10 cup discount, it will pay for itself in about 60 days (for those of you who are strictly concerned with the finances of it). I bought one for me and one for J. We’ve both dropped them and they are still holding up!

2. Taking my own bags to the grocery store. Is anyone else completely nauseated by the amount of plastic bags you accumulate?! Target has to be the worst, too. They’ll put 2 items in a bag. Come on! I’ve heard some people like to make their own reusable shopping bags which makes remembering to bring them easier. Something to think about.

3. Flushable/biodegradable/compostable diaper inserts. If you read up on diapers, plastic disposable diapers occupy a considerable portion of landfills! I’ve heard that cloth isn’t that much better if you’re going by environmental standards (I guess they are figuring with the carbon footprint it takes to produce and wash them? Not sure). Something that can be flushed or, better yet, composted in my own back yard? That’s pretty awesome.

4. Composting. Really, I haven’t made this change yet. I’m still waiting for Jeremy to put my compost bin together. I guess I should put my big girl panties on and assemble it myself. In the meantime there are containers of decomposing veggies already waiting to be reincarnated into black gold!

5. Using environmentally friendly/homemade cleaners. Hey, all of that stuff ends up in the river. It’s a full cycle. The sewage treatment cannot filter out the chemical agents. Also, if you use softsoap/antibacterial soaps, you should read up on the dangers of triclosan, which is currently under review by the FDA. For washing your hands, simple soap and water does the job! No need for a surgical scrub, people! (

6. I am vehemently opposed to using chemical pesticides/fertilizers on my lawn (or anywhere else for that matter). I want my kids/dogs/self to be able to be able to play in the yard without having to worry about the potential threat of toxins entering our bodies.

7. Reuse! One of the things I’ve found to reuse is baby food jars! I use them to start seeds, rinse Paisley, keep little things in, etc.

Those are just a few of the things I’ve started to do. I really want to do more but I think taking manageable baby steps will lead to lasting habits.






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June 18, 2011 at 8:31 pm

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